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P9TR425CL-K1 by Shure

P9TR425CL-K1 by Shure - Product Description

P9TR425CL-K1 by Shure - Product Description

PSM 900 System with SE425CL Sound Isolation TM Earphones

P9TR425CL-K1 by Shure - Details

  • Enhanced digital stereo encoder enhances audio detail and clarity, while patented Audio Reference Companding sounds more like wired audio than other competing wireless systems
  • Patent-pending CueMode technology lets you monitor different stage mixes, as well as store up to 20 different channels on a single bodypack receiver
  • Scan and Sync function creates an IR link between the components for fast and easy syncing
  • RF muting provides easy setup without creating RF interference
  • RF scan and automatic gain features provide excellent RF stability and channel availability, and prevent dropout due to RF overload

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