The bra brings iPhone

Sometimes it happens, especially at parties, that a girl does not necessarily want to carry a purse because it considers it too big or, worse, fear of losing or being stolen.

Two students of the University of Washington, Kyle and Mariah had an idea so simple and effective, to provide, in a bra, a side pocket in which to put the iPhone (or any other smartphone), some credit card and maybe a few bills.

Cases for iPhone
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The two girls have conducted research on 200 peers and found that 95% of them did not know where to put your valuables when he was out of the house, while 73% lost is the same and, most interesting aspect for businesses, the '88% were interested in hiding the objects on their person.

JoeyBra, this is the name of the bra, this is a project of Kickstarter that has already raised nearly double the funding requested ($ 4,000) and will probably attract the attention of major world producers.


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