Google translates Gmail mail messages

GDopo having made ​​its appearance in Google Labs in 2009, and have passed a long period of testing, Google has extended the translation functionality to Gmail.

In practice, when we receive an e-mail or write in any language we can translate it, getting closer (as said Jeff Chin, Product Manager of Google Translate on the official Gmail blog) to a future where communication can take place regardless of the language of the parties involved.

The enhancements to the email are two: first, Title Tweaks, a small modification that allows a better understanding of the arrival of new messages by changing the header in the browser from "Gmail - Inbox (20) - @ foo foo. com "to" Inbox (20) - - Gmail ". Second, Smart Mute, a feature that allows you to "mute" an exchange of emails too long. In practice, the push of a button, the more mail the conversation will be automatically archived and will not pass over the Inbox.


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